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The UCLA EyeSTAR Program offers vision science training combined with an ophthalmology residency. The "STAR" in EyeSTAR stands for "Specialty Training and Advanced Research" for physicians. Appointees complete a residency program leading to certification in ophthalmology, as well as laboratory research experience leading to a PhD, or postdoctoral training in the event that the trainee has a PhD. EyeSTAR trainees work under the guidance of a faculty advisory panel representing the trainee's clinical and research interests.

This unique opportunity is especially geared to physicians committed to academic careers in ophthalmology, combining basic science with clinical practice in a six-year curriculum. Trainees select their faculty mentors and laboratories or research groups from a wide range of participants throughout the UCLA School of Medicine, College of Letters and Sciences, School of Public Health, Clinical Scholars Program and RAND Graduate School.

The six-year curriculum is a blend of graduate courses, laboratory research and clinical training. The trainee is expected to commit three years to the residency program in ophthalmology and conduct vision science research for three years to obtain a PhD or two to three years for post-doctoral fellowship. Each trainee's educational course is individualized depending on his or her background, interests and needs. Research training occurs in the initial years of the curriculum, with ongoing clinical conferences and activities. The goal of the program is to generate leaders in ophthalmology who are investigators as well as practitionersphysicians who are as comfortable at the laboratory bench as in the examining or operating rooms.

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